sexta-feira, 20 de março de 2009

Versinhos bacanas (10)

"I got a letter from the government
The other day
I opened and read it
It said they were suckers
They wanted me for their army or whatever
Picture me given' a damn - I said never
Here is a land that never gave a damn
About a brother like me and myself
Because they never did
I wasn't wit' it, but just that very minute...
It occured to me
The suckers had authority
Cold sweatin' as I dwell in my cell
How long has it been?
They got me sittin' in the state pen
I gotta get out - but that thought was thought before
I contemplated a plan on the cell floor
I'm not a fugitive on the run
But a brother like me begun - to be another one
Public enemy servin' time - they drew the line y'all
To criticize me some crime - never the less
They could not understand that I'm a Black man
And I could never be a veteran
On the strength, the situation's unreal
I got a raw deal, so I'm goin' for the steel

('Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos', Public Enemy. Faixa do segundo álbum do grupo novaiorquino, o clássico 'It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back', de 1988 - quando George Bush pai ocupava a Casa Branca e sequer se sonhava que um dia um negro pudesse estar ali)

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